Leader in the Field

  • Jacob Frederick Schoellkopf

    In the 1824 Jacob Frederick Schoellkopf was the first Schoellkopf to America.  He settled in Buffalo, New York and was the first to harness the power of the Niagra Falls as an energy source and started the Schoellkopf Power Plant still seen in the cliffs today.

  • Gotlieb Henrich Schoellkopf

    Gotlieb Henrich Schoellkopf was the first Schoellkopf to Texas when he moved to Dallas in 1869.  He was a prominent businessman at the time with his leather and tanning company.  The Schoellkopf Company sold their trademark Jumbo Saddles along with other leather goods out of their store in Downtown Dallas.  His passport can be seen at the Old Red Courthouse Museum.

  • Buddy Schoellkopf

    Buddy Schoellkopf (Justin’s grandfather) transformed the original Schoellkopf Company into hunting and sporting goods manufacturing companies that produced their own line, Black Sheep, as well as Red Head products.

  • Hugo William Schoellkopf III

     Justin’s father, Hugo William Schoellkopf III, took over the original Schoellkopf Company at a young age and carried on the legacy of entrepreneurialism his descendants had established.  While also running The Schoellkopf Company in 1984 he founded a Montana dude ranch called Elk Canyon Ranch.

Justin Schoellkopf


Leader in the Field

Today Justin has revived the old family business to be an entrepreneurial real estate company providing Brokerage and Investment services.  

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